EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE: 2 iRing Links, 1 Dock, and 2 Air Vent Mounts


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Get 2 iRing Links (1 Matte Black and 1 Rose Gold), 1 Dock, and 2 Air Vent Mounts for the best iRing experience possible. 


iRing Link is the first ring holder made for wireless charging. Simply remove the top ring plate to charge wirelessly. iRing provides security and comfort to naturally grip your smart device. It also works as a portable stand. Taking pictures is a lot easier, easily position so you can take pictures at any angle. You no longer have to worry about dropping your phone!


The iRing Dock is designed as a multi-purpose docking system to allow mounting iRing equipped phones or devices in cars, on counters, or on any flat surface.


iRing AirVent mount is relatively small but securely fit with iRing products. It is simple and complementary designed to be utilized with iRing. It holds tight your phone from any impact into your car through a bumpy road.